A few things..

Sorrryyyy for the delays and lack of routine in my posting of late peeps! So weird how the days can possibly get so short…somehow?..havn’t worked it out yet but working hard at getting back on it all this week! I headed off to an incredible, debaucherous weekend with some of the crew to the dramatic area of Lake Ohau. The pic above is of me and my dear Prue on the chair up at Ohau Ski Area. Annnyyway I have so many amazing pics so will put together a little photo journey for you…once I have worked out this “time” thing…

Go hit up some online magazine time with the lovely creative Maeve mag! I have a little insightful interview I did with Camilla Stoddart in there and was profiled as a blog to visit which is always super flattering!

I also received my Extra Curricular mag in the mailbox and it is better than ever!! I have an interview in there with Darren Song the stiching artist extraordinaire! Below is my wee pic as a contributor and answering the question of my favourite thing about winter. Thanks so much to both mags for including me and Studio Home!!

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