A paddock proposal!

Two very good friends of mine recently got engaged…but massive kudos to Gloagy for his creative and supremely romantic proposal!! Richard and Jem’s live on a high country station in the central South Island. The farm demands alot of time and hard work but as it turns out, provided the perfect canvas for Gloagy to spell out his special words. Armed with a tractor, a bale feeder, 8 bales of baleage and two hours of stealthy driving he spelt out “Marry Me Jemma” on a massive scale, put the sheep out to feed on it (thinking it was their lucky day with a triple dose of the good stuff!!) and lured Jemma up the farm to view it (a surprise!!) from a distance. Gorgeous gorgeous stuff! Who ever said that farmers didn’t have a soft, romantic centre!!!!
Congratulations you two xoxoxox

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