Creative HQ features on Studio Home - Left: Trestle Union. Right: MyDeerFox and Georgia Jay Bags Creative HQ features on Studio Home - Meadowlark Creative HQ features from top left: Trestle Union, MyDeerFox and Georgia Jay Bags, Meadowlark. 
All photography by Julia Atkinson for Studio Home.

Studio Home began as a creative outlet to a small interior design business passionate about the exciting creative talent and inspiration flooding out of Australasia. With the aim to offer specific down under content, for over 9 years it has resisted the mass posting of “global pretty stuff” to remain true to its focus and cultivate awareness of what is available at our front doorstep.

It’s light hearted, casual and open. This isn’t about lusting after what we can’t/don’t have (although there is nothing wrong with looking right?) instead it’s a daily stop offering a regular and fresh “heads up” on everything from up and coming artists, designers and entrepreneurial creative people to iconic NZ/AUS brands and what they have on offer. In 2017 you will find more contributed content and deeper Q+A based posts in an effort to offer a richer, more inspiring place to visit in this time of ample content!

Currently based in Christchurch but with strong connections through out New Zealand and regular roving visits to Australia, Studio Home strives to produce fresh material that will keep new and existing readers happy, satisfied and inspired!

We’ve had a few notable mentions in some great spots including Urbis Magazine, Finders Keepers blog, Oh Joy!, Your House and Garden and Homestyle.

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We love nothing more than taking our own pics to go with our interviews, collaborations and social media (and have had a very public process of learning! ) It allows us to offer you a better, more candid level of connection (much like what we feel as we sit one on one with our subjects!)
Fujifilm NZ are very much into helping “everday picture takers” get the best results too so we are very happy to have struck up a terrific partnership with them kicking off in June 2015.
We are now loving and learning the photography ropes with a Fuji XT 1 (compact, mirrorless, tough and gutsy device!) and mostly sticking with the XF 16 – 55mm lens lens.
You can check out more about our friendship here.


The flexibility of the online world makes for exciting opportunities for collaboration and I chased after this with the launch of the TEAM.WORK project in 2014. This was a way to extend the connections I’ve made with Studio Home with growing, independent brands on both sides of the Tasman and to also flex my own design muscles! To date we have worked with terrific brands to create pot plant stands, leather tote bags, shoes, pyjamas and more! These collabs often extend to work closely with emerging photographers and fun, talented “models” in their own right.
I am keen to hear any ideas you might have. We are open to working with any brands and business that matches us and will appeal to our readers and can work to create a plan and authentic and appealing content tailored to suit.

Please drop me an email to start the conversation: hello@studiohome.co.nz

Behind the keyboard

Julia Atkinson of Studio Home - creative stories, brands, products and people from New Zealand and Australia since 1998 - follow @studiohome and @studiohome_ju

So when I say “we” on this blog…I really mean me! Julia Atkinson.

I discovered the wonderful world of design blogging just the week before I decided to dive head first into it myself over 9 years ago. I was so inspired and blown away by the ease, casual vibe and community of the whole business and more than anything, excited to finally find a home for my millions of desktop bookmarks!

It’s been a fast last decade moving between ski instructing, travel, work and self employment in the interior design industry and marketing for a ski area with plenty of risk taking and the appropriate mistakes made!

It has been rewarding to watch my readership grow in visitors and loyalty and I get such a buzz from discovering and connecting with the awesome creative community out there. I’ve been working full time on the site and related projects since late 2012 and enjoyed in particular the development of the Creative HQ and Fly The Coop features have given Studio Home a new focus to offer content that is easy to consume, inspiring to check out and relevant to those of us living down under. In 2017 these features are now to be replaced by the welcoming of contributor led content. I’m excited to offer the blog and her platforms to photographers, film makers, story tellers, knowledge sharers and even brands themselves as a place to share their ideas and projects further.

In 2014 I launched a sister site; Junior’s Design Blog that tightly follows the NZ/AUS creative scene but with a strong focus on content and product related to down under children and families. This was taken into new ownership in late 2016 but remains a treasured member of the down under design world.

The TEAM.WORK collaboration project also kicked off in 2014 with a bang with cool projects between Studio Home and Trestle Union,  New Lands, Radical Yes and ALAS with a steady stream of ideas trickling down the pipe line.

October 2015 saw the launch of a Studio Home Biz Brains – a new offering in the form of travelling workshops, created exclusively with the small business owner in mind. The ” A Demystifying Guide to Social Media for Small Business” was delivered to over 200 small business owners and those standing on the edge of new projects! Workshops are now being re worked to be offered as a comprehensive online workshop in 2017 with a new one on one “Social and Strategy Sidekick” service taking shape with some founding clients.
Information can be found here.

Outside the Studio Home bubble I am loving my role as the art contributor for Together Journal and freelance contributor to Stuff.co.nz among other platforms.

I hope I can bring you some refreshing new finds and a peek into all the untapped talent that lurks at the bottom of the world!

Julia x