Aleksandra Petrovic

the-argument- two-by-two : by Aleksandra PetrovicThe first time I met young NZ illustrator; Aleksandra Petrovic was in a bar! We got chatting via a mutual friend then she pulled out her sketch book and showed me some of her work….. it was filled with amazing whimsical and intricate work not disimilar to what you see here!

The work pictured here is a collection of some of her recent favourites. She is an active exhibitor as well as an in demand collaborator on many commercial jobs. This quiet acheiver with a beautiful recognisable style is most definitely one to watch! Take a look through her blog for more.

Do-You-Mind-01 - by Aleksandra PetrovicDo-You-Mind-02 - By Aleksandra PetrovicDo-You-Mind-- by Aleksandra Petrovictwo-by-two : by Aleksandra PetrovicKronenbourg-drawing - Aleksandra Petrovic

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