Amazing travel pics from family/friends trip to Nepal!

A couple of weeks ago my mother, Mimi charged off to live her dream of hiking in Nepal. She turned 56 in Kathmandu the day before she left to the Dopa region for a 16 day trek with my sister Caroline 26, cousin Sarah 29, and great girls Libby 26 and Charlotte 25.
How lucky for us family and friends left at home that two young photographers were part of the team! On the left is my darling sister Caroline who took all the pics below. On the right is super talented Libby Kingscote who I have blogged previously for her amazing print making…no doubt there will be some beautiful work resulting from these images above.

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2 Responses to Amazing travel pics from family/friends trip to Nepal!

  1. Flick, says:

    Wow, go Mum! The photos are all gorgeous… I love the donkeys in the tent! The colours and the people look amazing, Nepal is so alluring…
    🙂 Flick

  2. Wooww…its very nice work you have done….thnxx for this effort for us…..splendid work… the way can u plz tell me about the forth last pic??? i mean whr that pic belongs to?