an invitation…click on it to read clearly!

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2 Responses to an invitation…click on it to read clearly!

  1. lupinbunny says:

    *lol* Okay. Fine. How about a question (that has been plaguing me). What colour curtains should I get for, and what colour should I paint a very tiny master bedroom with dark jarrah floors, teak coloured bedframe, beige/sage green/ pale blue bedding?

    Failing that, tell us where your hardcopy columsna re/ who/ what else you're writing for? I never knew!

  2. Ju says:

    hmmmm.yes this IS going to be fun !!
    well….you might think I am crazy, but chocolcate brown comes to mind for the walls and then maybe a soft, floaty fabric with hints of the sage and pale blue in a pattern???
    Dark colours make things lush, and the room will always be tiny, so make it a cosy cave of lusciousness tiny!

    Oh..well the latest hardcopy article has been with NZ mag Homestyle and I have an interview (me being the interviewee) with Urbis mag coming out in Feb!!

    Thanks little Lupin Bunny!!