Anna Church

I won’t lie, I was downright stoked when Anna Church happily accepted my invitation to take part in the Behind Closed Doors Project. Anna’s name would instantly be rung off as one of NZ’s most prolific and in demand stylists and her ability to create work inline with a brand/magazine/clients own style is proof of her talent. Oh yes….annnd she has made time for a little creative indulgence for herself in the form of her nostalgic art. I hope you love this sneak peek into her family home on Waiheke Island as much as me!

WHAT: My home is my work & living space. I love raising my children in it, sitting down to delicious meals cooked by my husband, relaxing (once the kiddies are asleep) and creatively thinking in it. I feel calm here and it seems my creative thoughts turn into a reality within these walls. It’s not too big, but it’s big enough for everyone to have some space and their own place. I have used hushed hues with naturally aged and textured accents to create a home which my family and I love to live in.

WHERE: Waiheke Island, 35 minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland. We have lived here for nearly 8 years, although there maybe the strong possibility of living abroad in Toronto for a couple of years, we will definitely return and live and retire on this beautiful island.

WHO: Anna Church, artist and interior stylist.
I share this space with my husband Nick, daughter Molly (rising 3), son Thomas (9 months) and our lovely natured, but naughty dog, Dougal the Beagle

DESCRIPTION: The heart and hub of our house is the lounge/kitchen/dining area, which is sprinkled with toys or child paraphernalia of some kind, most of the time! In amongst these child friendly areas are surfaces, where you are bound to find a curated collection of assembled things e.g. pottery vases, shells, ship remnants, Crown Lynn vases, little bottles etc which I have collected over the years. I LOVE vintage filing drawers, not only for their industrial look but their functionality! I have many (there is one in nearly every room), the only place they are used for their original intention is in the office otherwise they act as our clothes drawers or to store props, toys or general utilities. I have a complete affection for nautical colours, tones, weathered textures, as well as linen fabrics and woven objects. I guess, this influence comes from being surrounded by sand & sea. We have a lovely view from our house of the sea and back across to Auckland, it’s an ever changing vista, and it makes me appreciate where we live each and everyday and how lucky we are to raise our kids in this beautiful community.

I am currently collaborating with a local ceramic house ‘Factory Ceramics’ (formally known as ‘The Garden Party Factory shop’) on a range of service plates and platters, imprinted with hessian and vintage doilies. It has incorporated my textural fetish and love of vintage and ceramics homewares all in one hit! It wont be long until they are released and people can start collecting and using them, including myself!

You can take a better look inside Anna’s island home in the latest issue of Your Home & Garden magazine! (NZ)

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