another year has gone by..

Mum and Dad in their youth….pre 27..
Me and Dad cruising the slopes of Round Hill, Tekapo…early 80’s

Today I am 27. I have never ever really even cast a thought sideways about my progression in years…right until now. All of a sudden I am older than Mum and Dad when they had me. This feels weird. And I know that times have changed rah rah rah…but…it still feels odd.
In saying allll that..I am well and truly stoked with how my life is shaping up!!!

In my family when you have your birthday, it is your “choosing day”. This pretty much means that you are the almighty boss of everything and everyone!!! And considering I live alone…this means that today I am commanding myself to go do something I NEVER do…massage and facial. Was going to go for a ski…but the weather gods have foiled my plans. I think self pampering is a good substitute. Gonna be great.
Sorry about my slack posting and hunting of stuff!!! This week is crazy but I am going to make up for it very soon!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!

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7 Responses to another year has gone by..

  1. Kate says:

    A very birthday and may your skin be silky smooth for another long year to come.
    K and M. x

  2. pen says:

    maybe the weather gods were giving you a message!
    pamper! have a lovely birthday!
    (love the mum and dad pic)

  3. paisleystclaire says:

    Happy Birthday!
    love Paisley

  4. Scatterbrain Tal says:

    Happy birthday honey!
    It’s important to acknowledge all the great things you’ve achieved.

    It’s always weird to think about our parents that started a family at a young age, but damn it, we’ve achieved freedom and the opportunity to be more creative.:)

    Enjoy your b-day treat!

  5. simone says:

    Your parents are beautiful, i love the capturing of the look! Happy bday. Love the blog!

  6. Faith says:

    oh pamper pamper pamper you must, bubblebaths, great magazines, yummy chocolates inspirations for the sketchbook, divine wine and a great tear jerker dvd, great rock and roll music and oooooh

  7. designaholic says:

    Jeez you look just like yo momma!