Anya Brock

Anya Brock

Meet Bondi based artist Anya Brock. She has got one hell of a handle on using colour –  hanging around on her website felt like summer and a fruity cocktail all rolled in to one! Much of this amazing work created with chalk, acrylics, ink and pen are available via her site, so check out the current listings here.

It’s of no surprise that the popsicle bright eyes of Alex Fulton spotted this work so thanks for passing on! She spotted a great interview with Anya here.

Anya BrockAnya BrockAnya BrockAnya BrockAnya BrockAnya Brock


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2 Responses to Anya Brock

  1. Melissa says:

    love these! colours are amazing!

  2. delaney says:

    that zebra print is so great