Anyone interested??

Is anyone interested in donating their skill, time or work for charity?? My sister and a crew of her friends are generously (and bravely!!!) taking on the Oxfam 100 km walk around Lake Taupo, NZ and as part of their entry need to raise over $2000. So in an effort to make the whole thing abit more exciting (and I am sure they are trying to distract themselves from what will be the most demanding 24 hrs + in their lives!!) they are holding a ball! I will post more info when they have secured their venue, but as part of the evening they are holding an auction. The ball will mostly be targeted at their age group, 23-30 yrs. Suddenly thought that there may be some of you keen on contributing to the auction, whether it is a credit with your business or possibly even some art that you haven’t sold.
Check out the link for more details on their challenge
And if you’re keen drop me an email.

Nothing like abit of charity and good karma to start the year off on the right foot!!

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