art on everything!!

Dear Colleen Society SixDear Colleen Society SixDear Colleen Society SixDevon Smith Society SixDevon Smith Society Six

Two of Studio Home’s favourite kiwi artists took to Society Six with a vengeance today and now you can get these artworks and MORE to sexy up your iPhones, sofa’s….the list is long.
The first three images are some of the selection uploaded by Dunedin based Dear Colleen and the bottom three again just a peep of what Wellington based Devon Smith has made available. Can’t choose can’t chooooooose.


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4 Responses to art on everything!!

  1. Michelle says:

    I LOVE Society Six…. New Year’s resolution… Get awesome enough to get noticed by them!!! or get awesome enough and figure out how to get involved with them…

  2. Emma says:

    Society 6 sure are making beautiful things – although look at how much each artist gets for their products. It seems to be usually about ten percent of the sale price

  3. Colleen Pugh says:

    so sorry I totally missed this when it went up! been majorly in the zone doing studio work. Thank you for the lovely feature and extra nice to have my work along side the talented Devon Smiths.