back on dry land

I’m BACKKK!!! Suffering a little culture shock from leaving literally 3+ metres of falling dry snowy bliss in Japan (over 3 days no less!) to windy dry and always beautiful Wanaka, NZ. BUT jeepers I’ve got some cool stuff on the go and can’t wait to get it all out to you! Happy Feb 1st peeps!! Oh and of course….good luck keeping your wallet away from the latest Gorman offerings above. I am already in trouble…

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6 Responses to back on dry land

  1. Prue Kane says:

    Thank goodness you’re back SH! I’ve missed you! xxp

  2. tiff says:

    welcome back! can’t wait to see some photos and hear of how Japan was!

  3. Tina says:

    Bags that second dress down!!