Brilliant image above by my favourite-Sara Orme.

Well I have just got back from a glorious week in the Marlborough Sounds with family and friends (pics to come!) Despite only one day with sun burn potential and just the one water ski – dampness and wind couldn’t blank out any of my love for the place. One crazy highlight was watching a team of local dophins cruise into the bay…followed closely by their little buddy the stray seal!! Anyway, just back at my parents now in Canterbury and have another 10 days here before welcoming Mum home from her intrepid journying in Nepal, celebrating my best friends Sal’s 30th in style then tootling back down to Wanaka. Looking forward to some Christchurch time and seeing the exciting moves being made by those brave people to bring their hometown back to life.

ANNNDddd…I am working on a few new ideas from Studio Home which I hope will please you all VERY MUCH!!

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