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Becca O'Shea - Studio Home

I’ve been stalking 24 year old Becca O’Shea online since 2010 when I first stumbled across her attitude packed illustrative cards. Since then I’ve enjoyed watching her notch creative acheivements and milestones which have included landing herself a spot on the highly regarded team of Wellingtons; Inject Design.

Becca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio Home

With a drawing obsession from childhood that she just couldn’t shake and a highly inspirational graphic design teacher in high school, heading to Uni to take on a Bachelor of Design made total sense. During university she started doing poster work for friends bands – mixing her love of illustration and type while producing cards to sell at Iko Iko where she worked for years. She graduated with First Class Honors and then had her final year project; a book called “Unpacking Kiwi Picnics”, recognised with a 2011 Gold Best Award in the student category.
Initially she fought hard to reach her dream of full time freelance work but the realities of being a professional self employed creative quickly caught up with her (like it does with all of us!!). So she gratefully headed back to spend time under the supportive roof of Iko Iko as the inhouse designer working on their business collateral and website.

Becca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio Home

Her first exhibition for her own illustrative work came about when local young fashion designer; Sophie Burrowes contacted her offering exclusive wallspace in her store. She burned out 5 works in just one week in time for the opening which proved to be a fantastic event, exposing her to a new network of Wellington creatives. It was here she first met Inject Design designer Alan Mansfield who subsequently sung her praises to Creative Director Harry A’Court. He promptly called Becca, asked her in for a meeting and started her on projects on a part time basis. This has now led to full time work and a role which she relishes.
Work and home are close, leaving plenty of time to continue working on her personal projects which I got a sneak peek at! Exciting stuff!
Becca’s story reminds me of some advice I was given just today: “Say yes and work out how later”

Becca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio HomeBecca O'Shea - Studio Home

WHO: Its just my partner and I in our little apartment. Alastair is rad, we’ve been together for 6 years now.

Al is currently studying a degree in Information Systems, and also DJ’s and produces his own music on the side with the Frederick Crew.

We share very similar interests, especially in creative stuff; films, music and the like. It may sound cheesey and a bit cliche… but we’d like to think we’re soul mates.

Me, I’m a full time Graphic Designer at Inject Design. Love my job! We have a wide range of clients from Hell Pizza to Fat Freddy’s Drop, along with many other amazing businesses. Being a creativity addict I end up continuing my practice after work with illustration and other collaborative projects. In whatever spare time I have left I separate I’m into yoga, gardening, seeing my pals, reading, pinning, online shopping, and baking… PHEW!

WHAT: Our apartment is small, but cosy. The high ceilings, exposed pipes, and stairwell in the middle of the living room its very much a loft apartment. It’s super sunny in both summer and winter, and being on the corner of the building we get it most of the day.

Most of the walls are covered with art, and the surfaces littered with books. We’ve slowly started to collect some nice furniture. We love swiss furniture and 60s decor. Once we have a bigger space we’ll be right into DIY refurbishment.

Some of the existing interiors are hilarious, very 90s, i.e. the Gecko on the light fitting and interesting detailing on the bathroom door, kinda gives it character I guess…hahaha.

WHERE: We’re virtually at the top of Cuba St, in the heart of the city. Being 7mins walk from work, I often come home for lunch and cook something yum, like ‘cheats’ Pho or a BLT. Its close to virtually everything, but we still own a car which allows us to go on night missions to the beach, oriental parade or the swimming pool. The Lighthouse cinema recently moved round the corner, the seats are couches so it almost feels like a private cinema.

DESCRIPTION: Al and I had been living together with flatmates for 2 ½ years and felt it was time to get a place on our own. This apartment worked out to be the best move for us. It’s cosy, affordable, warm and convenient. Miss not having a garden though for sure. The aim for us is to save for a house somewhere on the outskirts of town. Once that happens, I will have the most ultimate garden ever with fruit trees, a composting system, a green house – the lot! But for now, the community garden is a great place for me to learn, and the apartment is a great stepping stone.

Your professional world and personal work don’t need to be so seperate.
Let them merge and influence each other and see what happens!!

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2 Responses to Becca O’Shea – Wellington

  1. Jo in NZ says:

    I have a friend who works with Becca and says as well as being gorgeous in every way, she’s also incredibly humble – I think that’s a winning combination! Loved this article and its insights.

  2. tina says:

    Homes like this make me want to rearrange stuff in my place – lovely!