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So this is the very first edition of the new and improved Behind Closed Doors series. Last year this was a fun self shot feature with short sharp question and answers and 12 instagram pics taken by the subjects themselves. For 2013 I wanted to ramp it up a bit (as you all said in the survey you were loving the sneak peeks!) so where possible I will do the shooting myself and hopefully will extend my reach by collaborating with some roving young photographers out there!

The first snoop is the home of 23 year old Aucklander cake afficianado; Jordan Rondel AKA The Caker. Indulging her passion for getting creative with baking cakes while still at Uni she launched a blog and a project that saw her offering one type of cake per week available to order. However, with the support of some go-getter friends (including Murray Bevin from Showroom 22) she explained how the demand spiraled upward and next thing she found herself working full time out of a commercial kitchen, supplying wildly delicious cakes to Auckland and a book deal! (she is 23….I just think that needs to be reaffirmed!)
Jordan is tiny and ethereal and on arrival at her gorgeously quaint little Ponsonby villa I could hardly believe this established and curated house was her home. We sat at the table while I soaked up the eclectic interior and she told me a little about her her life there that she shares with her boyfriend and friends.

Enjoy the pics and the little insight she gives below.

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WHO: I live here with my boyfriend Stefan, tattoo artist and owner of Two Hands Tattoo, along with another couple, Lauren and Ben, who have been our good friends for some time. Lauren works for Kate Sylvester and Ben works for Webbs Auction House in the rare books section.

WHAT: It’s a beautiful sunny villa; we were very lucky to snap it up. It’s 3 bedrooms with a large living space so there’s enough room for all 4 of us, which is good since we are all homebodies who love cooking and entertaining.  We have an amazing back yard with a vege patch, lemon tree and passionfruit vines, and a great deck to house all of our herb pots.

WHERE: We live in the heart of Ponsonby, which couldn’t be more perfect. Stefan and I both grew up in Ponsonby and its surrounding suburbs so we know it inside out and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. It’s within walking distance to pretty much everywhere including work, Nosh, Farro Fresh, a million restaurants and our DVD store.

DESCRIPTION: All of us were living in apartments in the city before we moved into this house about 4 months ago. I think it had been several years since I’d had a backyard and I was really craving it so as soon as I stepped onto the lawn I knew we had to get this place. We haven’t done a winter in it yet, but Summer has been superb. We love our veggie patch and love drinking rosé on the deck. We even had a blowup pool set up for a while. Lauren and I love to cook so most of our time is spent in the kitchen. Even after an 8 hour day in front of an oven baking cakes I still look forward to getting home and cooking dinner. Stefan loves spending time in his ‘man shed’ where he does all his painting and drawing after work, and the spare room is used to watch movies on the projector screen. In this case, home is definitely where the heart is.

What I learnt from Jordan:
No matter what age, if you are lucky enough to convert your passion to be your source of income, surround yourself with the right people and gun for it!

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