big balloons

bespoke balloonery

Bespoke Balloonery. Big beautiful balloons with maxed out decoration. Why oh whyyyyyyy are they just so appealing!!

bespoke balloonery bespoke balloonery bespoke balloonery bespoke balloonery

You can check out all these images (including their situation and photo credits) over at the BB website.

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2 Responses to big balloons

  1. Alex Fulton says:

    Ju! happy New Year lovely lady. The last image wasnatvthe Sydney Blogshop I attended in early Dec last year. Check out Studio Neon – that was the space it was held in – very cool.

    • julia says:

      Yes spotted! Did you enjoy Blogshop? I would just like to meet Bri…in the hope that she is as awesome as I think she is in real life! Many happy returns to you too xo