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The Balmain Boat Company

I feel like this post is appropriate to the water loving culture Down Under…but mostly I am sharing as I seem to be SO boat obsessed at the moment! I always have been (thanks to my Dad) but it seems to be spiraling out of control with me excited to go for my morning walks toward the Marina, the haven for all boats big and small (then kicking around on the jetties looking mighty suspicious!)

The Balmain Boat Company immediately grabbed my water logged attention. These gorgeous little boats pictured can arrive at your door “flat packed” and they assure you are not going to make your brain bleed during assembly. I think they are beautiful. I think it’s a wonderful idea and I would really quite like my own!

The Balmain Boat Company

The Balmain Boat Company

The Balmain Boat Company

I discovered The Balmain Boat Company via the wonderful Smith Journal website.

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  1. Ju B says:

    I want one! Ahhh gorgeous! x

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