can I offer you a tasty bite of….

I am being tortured…and it is allllll my own fault!! I have been slack and given so much loving attention to my blog of late…and now I am rather behind my actual paid interior design work. But I HAD to give some kind of blog offering…so I thought that I would throw something a wee bit different your way. Part of the aim of this blog is to introduce you guys to inspiring, young companies, brands and people. My friends James Hanafin and Tom Dunbar I would totally list under that bracket. They have followed their passion…all things snow…rolling in it, eating it, throwing it, wearing it and their all time favourite, skiing on it. This led them to develop their fun, young, funky online store Sticky Date Pudding (jus cos they luff it!!)
And believe me…after my 4 years as a ski instructor and 18 years of snow ploughing around previous to that, I can vouch that the ski industry is INCREDIBLY design led. The skis changed shape for our enjoyment then came the graphics! Just check out the range of 4frnt skis and Nobis hats stocked in the store. Styley stuff.
So I’ll leave you here for a browse and tasty sneak at winter via Sticky Date Pudding…I believe they have a good recipe too….

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One Response to can I offer you a tasty bite of….

  1. My Sweet & Saucy says:

    What a great blog! So glad I found you through Sweet Paul!