Cards with a conscience…and they look great too!!

While bopping along to my “Dunedin is awesome, Dunedin is cooool” high..I picked up these cards from the Whiteroom with the aim of using them as mini artworks for the next Heart Foundation Lottery House. I without a doubt, totally recognise the work but can’t for the life of me name the artist! Followed the website link on the back of the cards and arrived at the simple, not particularly informative website of GrowingNZ. What a great little concept they have going there and fantastic selection of art based cards!
This is what they are all about:

“GrowingNZ is a project dedicated to replanting New Zealand land with native trees. For every pack of cards purchased $8 is donated to a fund that is used to buy, plant and nurture native trees. A living tree absorbs CO2 from the air and stores it as wood. $8 will plant
3 new stems which is enough to offset the average Kiwi’s carbon emissions for one year. Please keep New Zealand beautiful and help offset CO2 emissions by supporting our project. Thankyou.”

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