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Milo + Mitzy Chunky Wool Throws

Milo and Mitzy - Chunky Knit Wool Throws, New ZealandMilo and Mitzy - Chunky Knit Wool Throws, New ZealandPhotography by Sarah Horn

So this is a public warmth announcement!
Blogger and now designer; Amy Jo Tennent of Milo and Mitzy has taken winter comfort into her own hands by offering these incredibly LUSH woollen knitted throws!
They are  1 x 1.5 metres and come in charcoal, light grey, dark grey, natural ivory and are assured to pump cosiness into any space!

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Junior's - a design blog for the parents down under. - a Studio Home Project. Illustration by Emma Leonard.So for all of you Studio Home friends that avoid social media channels – its possible you have missed the very public fluster I got myself into as I launched a BRAND new blog last night!!
It’s become verrrry obvious to me over the last couple of years that as I grow older, so do many of my dear readers which means many too are now Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents or like me suffering a growing “serial-baby-snatching” issue.
I have always made a point of avoiding posting on child specific products and brands as we all know, that unless you are “up to” that stage in your life, this content is boring and irrelevent. SO…I decided to make a whole new blog just for those people!

Junior’s aims to fill a niche in our part of the internet world by offering kids and family based content exclusively focussed on New Zealand and Australian designers/brands/makers and creatives. You can expect new content on a daily basis (weekdays) and a growing archive of FOCUS posts where we invite interesting experts/visitors/personalities to inspire, teach us some stuff and hopefully offer a few “lightbulb” moments!

I will only ever occasionally share Junior’s content with you here and only if it is really relevant to you and the Studio Home vibe. I hope I’ve created a spot that you can happily graduate to at some stage but please, we love you here, so don’t leave forever!

This only happened for the sole reason that you have given me the guts to follow my bloggy instincts by continually supporting what I try to do here.

That beautiful illustration was made especially for Junior’s by loooong time Studio Home fave babe; Emma Leonard. And once again, the quick working pro Mickey Ross of Micimage gave me a clean, easy to use and nice looking site. So THANKS to you guys soon.

Enough with the novel! – I welcome you to come check Junior’s out.

Ju xoxo

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Mt. Tamborine instagram shots #mttamborinecottage by Studio Home Mt. Tamborine instagram shots #mttamborinecottage by Studio HomeI can hardly believe it but my 2 month stint in Mt. Tamborine is coming to an end of Wednesday. NO idea where the time has gone but I have relished every second of this magical lush bit of the Gold Coast hinterland. In fact I found it so magnetic that I have done far less exploring of the region than I had planned….content instead on exploring my front doorstep instead.
For those of you that follow me on instagram you will have been inundated with my adventures and the hashtag #mttamborinecottage. Everything was so damn photogenic!

I will be putting together a full “locations” post a little later but today there is a recap of my favourite insta snaps over at the new NZ based blog; Undone Journal. Its pretty cool there!

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Four Eyes – NZ Street Style

Four EyesThe Four Eyes team are prolific producers of beautiful street style imagery which they have now applied to the glossy pages of their debut book. Working with Beatnik Publishing they have produced a heavy hard cover account of the favourites they have captured for their site over the last 2 years. With exceptional photography skills and attention to detail they offer a really cool cross section of real people and their personal style. One for the fashion/clothing/style maker in your team.
For sale online here at Beatnik and also found at major bookstores. (yes…for you geeks like me…it smells good !)

Four Eyes Four Eyes Four Eyes Four Eyes Four Eyes Four Eyes

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The Design Files

Elk AccessoriesThe Design Files - Studio HomeI will wager a guess that 90% of you reading this post will have visited/follow/or developed a good and proper attachment to Melbourne based blog; The Design Files. 5 years ago, just one month after I waded tentatively into the the design blogging world, I received an email from Lucy Feagins who was doing just the same. Over the years I have watched her take her own lead on developing a corner of the internet that really had no precedent to follow. Not only did she set some hard and fast rules for herself from the get go, by taking her project seriously it didn’t take long for her to gain the respect of her local creative industry and then that of design blog readers worldwide. Unlike the examples for design bloggers down under today – in 2008 there were virtually no websites focused exclusively on Australasian content and certainly none dedicated to producing their own. So how did she find the wheels and inspiration to get to where she is today?
The Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio HomeAfter finishing her studies in Creative Arts in 2002, Lucy decided to indulge her interest in interior design by seeking work as a set dresser for film and television. Amongst others she worked on local show Thank God You’re Here and movies Charlottes Web and Any Questions for Ben. Like all of you reading this now, she had stumbled across the hidden world of design blogs and grown a healthy addiction topped by Design Sponge (the godmother of all design blogs!) and local blog; Looby Lu. But she also realised she had something to share herself and in early 2008 she fired up a free blog template and began to share exclusively Australian content under the name; The Design Files.

The Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio Home

Blogging was still considered a bit of an underground hobby (think emo teenagers sharing their bad break-ups) but by featuring creative people and brands with strong, established networks the positive concept of The Design Files and what Lucy was up to began to travel throughout the Melbourne creative community. Mainstream local press also pricked their ears and a couple of features helped expose her to swathe of potential readers who previously would have had no bloody idea what a design blog even was!

It was the end of 2010 that signaled a pivotal time for TDF. Lucy had stuck to her religious daily posting for two years despite holding down the erratic and often high pressure life of a freelancer. Advertising bought in some pocket money but by no means enough to live on – however it had become obvious to her that the balance she was attempting to keep between blog and contract work was unsustainable. SO. A bullet was bitten!
She plotted a 3 month trial period where she would not pursue any set dressing work and instead would be totally and utterly focused on her site. 3 months was picked as that is what her savings would allow!
She never looked back.

The Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio Home

2011 signaled yet another shift in gear for Lucy’s business. As always, she had her sights set high on the content that she offered, and this meant that her own point and shoot photography skills just weren’t going to take her to the magazine quality features that she strived for. She struck up a partnership with Tasmanian photographer Sean Fennessy and now also works with Brooke Holm and Eve Wilson. The high standard and often exclusive aspect of her content continued to woo a wider audience and also, caught the attention of corporate level advertisers. A day in the life of The Design Files and its new reality of a legit media channel meant that Lucy was getting stretched – not only across her daily hunt and production of material but also the management of brand partnerships and projects!  Lucy began outsourcing some tasks, first with the assistance of Jenny Butler, who helped out one day a week, working remotely, from her own home.  However by 2012 it was clear a more regular, in-house solution was needed – enter Lisa Marie Corso.

The Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio Home

While Lucy was often emailed with offers of help/work experience by eager young go-getters, they were always (with the exception of Jenny) politely declined as the process of working out how to allocate work and responsibility was simply too massive of a question for her to contemplate. Unlike a magazine with contributors and publishers – The Design Files WAS Lucy Feagins. This beast was her baby and how could anyone else possibly be able to step in and know how to respond to its needs…particulary when they were all in Lucy’s head!
But there was no denying something had to give, and it was best that it wasn’t going to be her sanity. Lisa Marie Corso had been softly but firmly persisting with her contact and as she had also interned with some of Lucy’s friends, she rightfully landed at the top of the pile to call. Still unable to break it down, a frazzled Lucy simply rang and said “Please just come in…” and they worked it out from there.  The 1 day a week is now 4-5 days and it was clear to me that these two have a streamlined system and easy, collaborative relationship.

The Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files reached new heights when it was allowed its own studio space! Seems Lucy has cultivated some other great relationships including that with her partner and talented cabinet maker; Gordon Johnson. With their little Brunswick house still under renovation, he designed and built a (bloody awesome) light filled studio in the back yard. It houses all things TDF including a large monthly/yearly planner to keep the team on track and a very impressive designer rubbish bin collection. It’s sunny, light, private and in my opinion, exactly the digs that The Design Files deserve after some serious years of kitchen table domination.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Lucy is that she isn’t willing to slow and sink into the groove of her daily magazine. TDF represents much more than this which has led her to push further and take her project offline, transforming into the massively successful Open House events which are entering their third year. In an online world where design blogs are now as common as brown dogs, once again she has created something that has no precedent.

This is by no means the “story” of The Design Files, simply an update. I think you’ll all agree that Lucy has much more up her sleeve and will continue to attack every idea with the incredible high standards and quiet confidence that she is known for. I know that I’ll continue to watch avidly!

The Design Files - Studio HomeThe Design Files - Studio Home

 All photography by Julia Atkinson for Studio Home

Way too much to share! But for me the most poignant point is:
It IS in fact possible to make a design blog a relevant media channel and a self supporting business – most importantly while retaining integrity and your own personal vision.
Thanks for the shining example Lucy!!

ElkThis interview was made possible with the support and partnership of Elk.
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Owl Eyes

John PusateriOh. Wow.
New Zealand based artist, John Pusateri takes photo realism ( and my art obsession) to a whole new level. These works from his aptly named collection; “Rabbit Destuction Council” are a combination of pencil, charcoal and pastel. He is represented by Seed Gallery if anyone is interested in getting their hands on one!

John PusateriJohn PusateriJohn PusateriJohn Pusateri

I found out about John Pusateri and many many more incredibly clever people with links to NZ via creative; Brett King. If you share our love of the NZ creative scene then I highly recommend you go for a recce to his blog The Source.  I reckon it deserves some of your internet time.

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