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SUNDAY – Trailer from Fighting Noise on Vimeo.

Now this is a goody!

On the 7th of December two pretty cool things will happen. A truly independent film set in Christchurch, driven by a team of passionate New Zealanders and Australians will be debuting. The special point of difference that, in what is a world first of this size, the film SUNDAY will open and be released across cinemas, TV, the internet, DVD and with airlines….allll at the same time!

SUNDAY  is about Eve (Camille Keenan) and Charlie (Dustin Clare) who are about to have a baby, but are no longer together. After years of history and months of separation, they have 24 hours to find their way forward. Set in Christchurch, New Zealand one year after the earthquakes that devastated the city, SUNDAY is a story like the city: one of past devastation and a chance of rebuilding.

Michelle Joy Lloyd, the Director, Producer and Distributor of the film came up with the idea of the multi-platform release as a response to piracy – “We are committed to letting you watch this film when you want, where you want, on whatever platform you want. Actually we think people should be able to watch all films in that way, but they currently can’t” says Michelle.  “Everyone likes to complain about piracy, but instead of joining in, we want to do something about it!”

Get in amongst it and support our local go-getters! I have just pre-ordered my own copy from the link on the trailer above!

SUNDAY : an independent feature film set in Christchurch, New Zealand one year after the devastating earthquakes. SUNDAY : an independent feature film set in Christchurch, New Zealand one year after the devastating earthquakes. SUNDAY : an independent feature film set in Christchurch, New Zealand one year after the devastating earthquakes.Imagery courtesy of SUNDAY
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One Percent Collective “Superhero”

One Percent Collective - join the giving revolutionThis vid is absolutely awesome!!
Not only is it a super duper creative production out of our own Wellywood, but also a masthead for what modern charities can do and how they can communicate their missions!
You will have all noticed that I support the efforts of local project; the One Percent Collective and if you ever wondered why, then check out the almighty effort they have gone to to communicate to YOU how you can be effective. At the very least take a look at the vid (totally worth your time…love it)  and do your social concience a favour and read all about them here.

Directed by:  Mark Albiston

If you can’t see the vid on your phone – click here!


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The Cresta Run by Andy Bamford

CRESTA 011-012 from andy bamford on Vimeo.

Andy Bamford is a talented kiwi filmmaker currently based in Stokholm and someone I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. But was actually a conversation about the sport of Skeleton spurred on by the Sochi Winter Games (which I am generally obsessed with!) that reminded be of an amazing short film made by Andy a couple of years ago.
He had the privilege to be the videographer at the Cresta Run in St Moritz, Switzerland for 2 consecutive seasons  (2012-13).  Above is the edit he made following his first winter and below the follow up from 2013. It wasn’t just his really beautiful film making skills I wanted to share with you – but also what it is to be a mad keen amateur in what looks like the craziest sport!
Nice foil to the top level competition on the TV at the moment!

CRESTA TEASER 2013 from andy bamford on Vimeo.

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Ian Strange – “Final Act”

Ian Strange - "Final Act" at Canterbury MuseumIf the imagery here doesn’t grab your attention then I highly reccommend you check out the video below introducing the incredibly capitivating project by artist Ian Strange.
“Final Act” was created in Christchurch, using homes destined for demolition post the devastating 2011 earthquake. As part of the RISE Festival presented by Oi You – Ian worked with renown NZ cinematographer; Alun Bollinger to add even more depth to this beautiful and emotionally charged body of work.
For those able to get there, the exhibition is currently showing at the Canterbury Museum until March 23rd… and I for one am not leaving town til I have seen it!

Ian Strange - "Final Act" at Canterbury Museum Ian Strange - "Final Act" at Canterbury Museum

Ian Strange: FINAL ACT from Ian Strange on Vimeo.

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Everyday Humans

I suffered a pretty mean dose of procrastination yesterday (not helped by my horrible cat declaring he was about to drop dead from hunger – argh…just two hours after being fed!!!) But somehow I managed to squeeze some productivity out of some facebook wandering and I found Queenstown based Syrp.

One part cutting edge developers of camera accessories (think very clever equipment to acheive super smooth motion control, time lapsing etc…its technical!) and one part incredibly talented producers of film. I got totally hooked into their series “Everyday Humans” which I think you will all really enjoy.
Just goes to show our everyday can be just as beautiful and interesting whether or not we work on a farm, paint in a studio or travel in a beaten up van around the States following a musical passion. Enjoy and check these guys out!

Everyday Humans – Mark Alsweiler from Syrp on Vimeo.

Everyday Humans – Eden Worsfold from Syrp on Vimeo.

Everyday Humans – Spirit Valley from Syrp on Vimeo.

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Jon Thom

Jon Thom

I am in love with this amazing work from Dunedin based creative; Jon Thom. With his hands in projects ranging from fashion brand; Moodie Tuesday to the exciting multi disciplinary Motion Sickness Studio (more on them later!) – it’s kind of a wonder that he even has time to churn out all the beautiful work you see here. Check out the great clip at the bottom of the post.
PS- just discovered you can buy these limited edition prints here! 

Jon ThomJon ThomJon ThomJon ThomJon ThomJon Thom

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