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Flat 3

Flat 3Here is something a little different and I saved it for hump day for a reason! (you are going to get hooked…speaking from experience here) Flat 3 is a new NZ based web series that is  putting a lot of our networked local material to shame. It is so funny at times, touches on some interesting cultural topics and is just so well done. I watched the whole series to date, sent the link to my friend Prue…who did the same. Flat 3 may well be responsible for some serious drops in workplace productivity.

Flat 3


This is the official blurb from the team themselves. I like it:

“Sometimes smart, often silly, a little rude and a lot awkward, Flat3 is a Kiwi comedy with a unique cultural take – universal in its specificity and relatable in its fresh perspective. We hope.
The series is co-written and directed by Roseanne Liang, director of My Wedding and Other Secrets, and features new Go Girl JJ Fong.”

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Little Lotus

Little Lotus Project – Part 1 from NEKTAR on Vimeo.

I just had a prick of a tear in my eye and goosebumps running up my arms watching this incredibly beautiful AND insightful video about the Little Lotus Project and that amazing man Pat Shepherd. Go on, take some time out and learn how this NZ project is pulling together creatives from around the world to benefit children on the edge.

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Good for Nothing

Last Saturday night a group of us attended the one and only film premiere that has graced our little town …probably ever. It was for an independent NZ filmed western called Good for Nothing. Full of all the features a good western should have we got galloping horses, slow loading guns, spitting, sweaty faces, a feisty girl in a corset, a hot bad cowboy and sweeping, baron countryside. What I didn’t expect was the incredible cinematography (largely shot in Central Otago and the Mackenzie Basin), the quirky story line full of dark humour and uncomfortable moments with an amazing score performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. I also didn’t expect to get the opportunity to sit down and chat with the Director and lead actors later on that night over drinks.  THAT is what really got me. The story behind the story on screen is just as surprising and full of creative risk taking. Inge and Mike postponed their wedding (5 years engaged!) and decided against a mortgage to go head first into producing NZ’s first ever western. They fizzed with nervous excitement when talking about the challenge of it all and the unknown in it’s eventual success. One thing for sure it, takes the title of  New Zealand’s first self-funded film to receive a theatrical release in the United States. That’s no small feat.
I seriously suggest checking out the “Making Of ” clip here. It will give you so much more appreciation of the amazing final product and the journey Good For Nothing took.

“Good For Nothing” opens in cinemas around the country today.

That’s me and the gorgeous Jordi from Ruby’s Cinema in Wanaka having our turn in the photobooth. Have no idea why the umbrella ended up in my mouth….

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Mr. House

It’s so lovely to have my dear friend Matt take part in this project. I first met him when I replied to a flatmate wanted ad which stressed the applicant to have a love of wine. I got the room and subsequently spent long hours working on my wine appreciation. I was also treated to many a gourmet chicken risotto and his occasional drunken piano playing sessions which were just phenominal. The man has got talent! Having worked in so may areas of the NZ film industry across directing, editing, production and camera handling, a glimpse into the home of island based Mr House gives you an idea of the life this kiwi freelancer leads.

WHAT: The shots are from my home on Waiheke Island.

WHERE: Home is a 3 bedroom ramshackle, sprawling, timber mess that was built in the late 60’s by one of the original Waiheke residents. As time went on it seems subsequent owners decided that it would be a good idea to add a room here, or maybe a room over there – Oooo, I know… Let’s build UP! So they did… And so what we have now is more a three level, three bedroom tree house than a normal villa or bungalow. It’s great. I love it with all my heart.

WHO:  Me (Hi, I’m Matt) and two flatmates. I produce and direct videos and commercials for a variety of clients. I was freelance for about 11 years until work dried up a touch about two years ago, so I went and got all responsible with a full time job at a large NZ owned company. And I’m still there… Make of that what you will…

We also have Simon who is an assistant wine-maker at Passage Rock (go there, it’s amazing!) and Jen who is a photographers assistant. We all get along pretty well and it’s a well balanced place with a great creative vibe. Yeah, I just said vibe. I also can’t forget my cat Charlie who was a rescue from the Waiheke SPCA about 9 months ago.

DESCRIPTION: I’ve only lived in this house since November of 2011. Before that I was in another place on the island. My fiancé and split up recently and I contemplated long and hard about being here without her and eventually came to the decision that this is where I want to be. I do some freelance work (fitting it around my full-time gig) and my goal is eventually to be able to work and live on the island. And I can’t think of a better place to see that goal come true than in this house. I collect books and movies voraciously and am currently thinking that I need to send a few cartons to my Ma and Pa in Wellington as it’s getting a tad crowded on the shelves. It’s  really special place to come home to after a day at work in the city and it’s even better waking up on the weekends and rolling 30 seconds down the path for a swim. I love it here.

If you love his witty words you can follow Matt on Twitter here.

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Pale Ryder

I only stumbled across these dark, emotional and evocative images after researching a post on Benah coming a little later in the week! All are shot by the OBVIOUSLY talented Ben Briand for the current campaign: Pale Ryder. I am just a little struck by it all (not to mention the actual accessories!!) and I reccommend you all skive off work for a couple of minutes and check out the video on opening the Benah site.

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Stop the wedding

I received a nice heads up today reminding me of the work of kiwi duo Bayly + Moore. They seem to pop up all over the world with their beautiful photography but I thought your Friday would really enjoy this awesome stop motion of a sunny kiwi wedding in the Bay of Islands.

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