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Welcome: Wocolate

I am VERY stoked to introduce you all to our newest team member Wocolate. Auckland based and governed by a couple with a particulary sharp eye for the cool, quirky and down right awesome, Wocolate could well be your brand new shiny go too for that “special” gift. I could spend the next three scrolls of your mouse explaining their wares, but in all honesty it is WELL worth the trawl and discovery for yourself! Modern day treasure trove springs to mind.

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Over the ocean

Clean, modern but full of appealing quirky character would be the words I would use to describe the work of Scott, Rich and Victoria. It is a pretty cool design relationship too with the brains of Scott Fitzsimmons and Richard Hartle positioned in NZ and London respectively!! If I had pick just the one design for my home it would be the Filament pendant lights at the top. Sighhhhhhh. What would you pick??

Find via InsideOut
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Magical little islands

I LOVE these images taken by Seattle based photographer Sarah Rhoads documenting her trip to the South Island of NZ.  Its so cool to see my country through the eyes of new visitors and the things that they want to capture! And HUGE kudos to these travellers attacking the roads in a kombi!

Thanks to Alison Owen for the heads up
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New kid on the block

I am paretttty excited to introduce new ONLINE home and lifestyle magazine Adore Home. On a platform of gorgeous graphic design and impeccable editing sits little windows into some stunning Australian and international homes. I already have a list as long as my arm of new online stores that I MUST visit and this is all thanks to my new favourite interiors mag. Check out their latest issue here!

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2010 treat for myself!

This is breaking the rules….but I wanted to share!! Just bought this divine little ring from Etsy store, EConteDesigns of Manhatten. I am so so so happy with it. A 2010 treat!!!

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Blog to watch: Centerpiece

wow…I am excited! New to my beautiful little town is Caitlin Leiweke! After being introduced by mutual friends at the pub last sunny Friday evening, we got talking about the imppppoooortant stuff in our lives which is blogging! Caitlin, as I have just discovered this morning, has a divine site called Centerpiece (watch that spelling you antipodeans…she is from the States) The blog is full of delish food, recipes and my fave, photography!!! Bookmark this one peeps.

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