Sorry! This is a bit of a photo dump as I try to balance getting some VERY exciting interviews for Fly the Coop:NYC out to you, compile my thoughts and share the exciting experience I had at The Blogcademy AND just damn well get out there amongst it all! I will warn you now that I think most content will slide on past your eyes in the next week or so after I am home.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy this glimpse of the amazing thriving sanctuary of Central Park. I only walked the South East corner…the place was enormous! And it was simply crawling with locals and tourists a like – eating their lunch, dozing on the grass (a novelty for many!) perched on rocky outcrops like monkeys, ice skating (!!!!) taking a carriage ride, nannies (barely any mums!) with their little charges at baseball practice, the elderly with their carers, artists, photographers, film crews….it goes on. But still there was plenty of breathing room for everyone.

And back on that Subway back to Brooklyn.

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8 Responses to centralised

  1. Kimberley Coleman says:

    Julia! Theses photos are so awesome! What an experience you are having, I am so stoked for you! Me and the family are heading over next year to NYC so I am excited to get all the inside info from you! take care darling oxoxox

    • julia says:

      Thanks dear Kimbo, Oh LOTS to tell you about this amazing place! Hope you are healing up perfectly and would love to catch up when I get back xoxo

  2. Ed says:

    What an amazing place Ju 🙂 Love the images! It is on my list…one day!
    we have just got back from Hanmer for our school camp…it was a real blast from the past! haven’t spent any decent time there since i was a kid!…it is a super cool wee spot! and guess what we woke up to on friday am??? SNOW!!! everywhere about 5cms! crazy aye! and Lewis pass was a winter wonderland 🙂 will put some photos up soon…stll recovering!
    Hope you continue your fab time in the big smoke ..although it does look pretty green from the photos!
    arohanui Ed x

    • julia says:

      Oh it really is amazing Ed and after all the interviews I have been doing and my own realisations…it is one of the most positive places I have ever ever been. Most people come here because they feel like anything is possible and it is the most likely place for the creative dreams to grow.

      Awesome you went to my dear Hanmer!! Miss it!! And snow…sounds like there has been a bit of that Springy Snow action happening 🙂

      thanks for being in touch xo

  3. Paula says:

    LOVE Central Park! You’ve captured it beautifully..

    • julia says:

      Thanks Paula! I didn’t spend nearly enough time in there. THere will have to be a another trip in the planning! xo

  4. Love that pic with all the peeps on benches…. Peeps on benches for miles. Been loving the insta updates, can’t wait to read all the interviews x

    • julia says:

      Oh sooooo glad you have been enoying!!JUST home. Lets catch up sooooooon. Will have an umbilical cord to the laptop for a while getting all the juicy content out! xo