Century of Modern Maori Interiors

1907-Maggie Papakura

2008- Tracey Tawhaio

I’ve had this post in the back for my mind for a couple of weeks now…and today, procrastination is in overdrive and I am doing ANYTHING to avoid working on my business management assignment!! (seemed like such a good course to do when I signed up…but is like maths to me. And maths is bad, bad, BAD!)
SO!! Here is an interesting comparison of beautiful Maori dwellings of strong Maori women…however they exist over a 100 years apart!! The first pics appeared in the HOME mag, Feb/Mar edition. They are archival photos from Maggie Papakura’s whare in the early 1900’s. I have been riveted by them. Just love the mix of the traditional artwork on the rafters and woven flooring with her regal, colonial furniture and portraits.
But then I picked up the Jan/Feb edition of InsideOut mag and found Maggies modern incarnation…artist Tracey Tawhiao!! Looking through her gorgeous home, I got that same feeling of wonder with Traceys combo of modernist furniture finds and her own 2000’s version of Maori inspired art. I really fell in love with it! You can check out more of Tracey’s work here
Maggie Papakura-Alexander Turnbull Library & Pitt River Museum, University of Oxford
Tracey Tawhaio-Karina Tengberg

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2 Responses to Century of Modern Maori Interiors

  1. Swonderful says:

    Tracey’s home was used to shoot Nest’s catalogue last year & it was like a bridesmaid outshining a bride!
    She has wonderful taste.

  2. Mikey says:

    these photos of tracy was also used in the ozzie mag INSIDEOUT, where i first saw them!

    good stuff indeed!

    Thanx for the blog post,
    er, Maths, evil, ggrrrr!