CJ Hendry

CJ HendryCJ HendryCJ HendryCJ HendryCJ Hendry

Mind blown, yes?!!!
I follow young Australian artist; CJ Hendry on Instagram and spend ALOT of time marveling at her large scale work alllll done in pen!! I can’t tell you much more about her as my interweb sleuthing has come up with nothing but her instagram profile.  I seriously suggest you start following her or in the very least boost your hump day by checking it out.

This is an awesome little video she posted yesterday – gives a great impression of the scale of work she does (with a simple PEN!!)


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5 Responses to CJ Hendry

  1. Ed says:

    Oh my goodness!!!…with a pen????,Wow!

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  3. Alexandre Camara says:

    Hi, I live in Brazil and I love CJ Hendry work.
    I would like to know prices, and if it is possible to buy.


    • julia says:

      Hey Alexandrew – this is just a blog where we featured CJ’s work. I’m afraid you will need to get in touch directly with her – I think the best way might be via her instagram account. Good luck.