Once again I find myself trawling through my massive archive of bookmarked sites and stumble across the beautiful, creative company cloth.
cloth is a small independent company with a staff of five based in NSW. Julie Paterson is the owner and designer, Martine oversees production and Jemima is front of house. These guys are a respected part of the Aussie design community and have been invited to collaborate on other products such as the Zaishu project, a range for Designer Rugs and even the imagery for a cookbook.
cloth has been making screen printed textiles by hand since 1995. They mainly work with hemp and linen, creating contemporary fabric collections with a strong look and a relaxed natural feel. Their textiles are used for upholstery and soft furnishings in residential and commercial interiors. What has got me really excited though is their new range cloth:native, inspired by australian indigenous plants and birdlife.

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4 Responses to cloth

  1. Adele says:

    wow there so beautfull! i love most of it…did i read correctly? just 5 members of staff? lol

  2. nicole lecht says:

    beautiful colors, great find

  3. Uncle Beefy says:

    Love these, Ju. Nice modern aesthetic but fun and punchy too 🙂 Nice to see such great refinement from a small, independent company.

    Always nice to see what others are working on too as I, as a printmaker and silk-screener, am going to begin experimenting on making my own fabric. We’ll see how that goes…?

  4. Cowhide Rug says:

    so cozy! beatiful colors, good shapes.