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While have a trawl through the AWESOME kiwi blog (attached to online store) of I got clicking on some links. This led me to a new bloggy favourite: Code for Something. This is the personal outlet for Auckland based writer Amber Parkin. It covers art, design, fashion/style, music and moving image. Icons, fragments, signs and indexes of culture. The name: Code for Something comes from the semiotics, everything is code for something.

I am not really a big “reader” when it comes to blogs…much more distracted by the visual for sure BUT I have really enjoyed Amber’s posts. All interesting, all unique. Thought I would share a few of her “30 fun things to do for cheap or free”. Head to her cool portal for the rest 🙂

16. On that note, organise a picnic with friends. Each of you is to bring one plate of treats, someone is to bring a blanket and voila! A modern feast.

17. Listen to the entire body of work by one musician/band. Form an opinion. Share that opinion. No idea? Start with Bob Dylan.

18. Likewise, read the entire body of an author’s work. Borrow these (potentially stacks) of books from the library. No idea? Start with Joyce Carol Oates.

19. Start a blog. I heart WordPress and there’s a free hosted version available. Vent, rant, discuss, share what you’re thinking in that cute lil head of yours… and tell me when you’ve done so!

20. Scan old photographs and reminisce. Even better, do it with a friend. You can talk abut times that were, or the times that explain why you are who you are today. Fun.

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2 Responses to Code for Something

  1. Munted kowhai says:

    Thanks Ju, that’s all I need, another addictive blog to read

  2. Amber says:

    Aw, thank you very much for your kind words. I’m delighted – now I’ve found your blog! It’s brilliant xx