colour blast

I mentioned that I had finally got to lay eyes on the new Collected by LeeAnn Yare store at BLOC last weekend, but I didn’t note that I also got to meet and chat with the talented woman herself! I follow LeeAnn on Facebook where she seems to have a constant stream of interior inspiration posting at all hours. Mother, wife, writer, stylist, shop owner and international airline pilot, I am gobsmacked at how prolific she is! More so I really truly admire her incredibly strong and unwavering sense of what SHE loves….totally reflected in the rainbow bright treasure trove that she has created. If you haven’t already been for a visit do yourself a favour and take a weekend cruise to Normanby Road for some colour therapy.

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2 Responses to colour blast

  1. Leah Marie says:

    I am coming to Auckland in a few weeks so I will definitely be going to visit! The store looks amazing. Well done LeeAnn!

  2. Alice says:

    I too visited Collected recently – while I loved many if the items in her store, I did wish that there had been a little more editing applied. The size of the space available compared with the number of items on display seemed slightly out of proportion – so much so that there were aspects of the shop I was unable to view, as Leeann was talking to one of her friends in the walkway 🙁 lovely stuff though, and she does have an interesting eye