Costume for your home

I have a wee bit of a love/hate thing going on with Australian Vogue Living. So often I am hypnotised by their gorgeous covers, then get it home only to discover it is utterly boring. BUT I gave in to its charms once again this month (this was helped by the free Corban and Blair card wallet!!) and I have LOVED it. They have featured some fantastic fresh, creative women one of which is Catherine Martin, costume designer extraordinaire and wife of Baz Luhrman. AND NOW…wallpaper designer for Porters Paints.AND has a range of art nouveau inspired rugs for Designer Rugs!! I am besotted to say the least.

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3 Responses to Costume for your home

  1. mondo cherry says:

    I agree, they are fabulous. Trouble is, I just can’t decide which one I love best!

  2. mel bomba says:

    Chic and fun all wrapped up, some people are blessed with way too much talent.