Cosy kids in Queenstown

Wowsers…i need to get on here more!! I have had my head buried in some of my favourite inspiring mags (Idealog, InsideOut, Frankie, Houses…out of control) and now I have a list of bookmarks longer than my arm to tell you all about! Phew.
So, of course to establish some sort of sense order I want to carry on from the last post of beautiful NZ kids clothing to tell you about another company that to my surprise is run by my neighbour and client in Queenstown!
Three Bags Full (divine name!!) concentrates on three values: practicality, function and style when designing its gorgeous range of childrens merino clothing. The website is brilliant too, and for all those of you wondering what Queenstown in NZ looks like…just take a look at the scenery in the promotional shots. Best thing about this brand aside from its quality and simple designs….its available on line direct from the website. Shop away!!

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