Curio Noir

Curio Noir  www.curionoir.comCurio Noir is a luxury scented candle brand. Don’t sigh and leave me yet….I know this statement gets flung around like nobodies business – but in this case it is SO so true and is proven (not just by the stern back up of my own nose!)
At a recent blind testing in Paris, out of all of the international brands on show, NZ’s own Curio Noir scored the highest in terms of the actual product behind the packaging.
Creator; Tiffany Jeans took this and ran straight into a new identity for her obviously highly regarded brand and the launch of a new divine scent.

These beautiful pictures creatively try to communicate what you might be in line to experience from the Curio scents but I really encourage you to drop in to one of her stockists for a good strong whiff of these lush candles. I also LOVE the short film below showing the local manufacturers at work in creating the glass vessels.

Gardenias Shadow scented candle by Curio Noir / www.curionoir.comTubereuse Noir scented candle by Curio Noir / www.curionoir.comFeather My Tears scented candle by Curio Noir / www.curionoir.comScented candles by Curio Noir / www.curionoir.comLilith Baby scented candle by Curio Noir / www.curionoir.comImagery courtesy of Curio Noir
Photography by Evie Mackay

Curio Noir – The Craft from Andy Morton on Vimeo.

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