Cut it out!

I have been a pretty big fan of aussie design duo Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd for some time now. Nothing makes me feel quite as bright and breezy then hooking in my light, lazer cut GORGEOUS Polli earrings! Had a wee Sunday cruise through their site today and totally utterly have fallen for their mobiles!!

Heres alittle of what Polli is alll about:

“Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd met in 1999 while studying Industrial Design together at the University of Technology, Sydney. After graduating into professional roles, the designers soon sought the fulfillment of creating their own products by hand.

Polli was born from their strong interests in sustainable design, craft culture and fashion. The folding methods used in this family of products are influenced by both Japanese and Danish paper designs, and the materials chosen allow them to express their interest in colour and light.

By creating home and fashion accessories through manufacturing techniques usually reserved for industrial products, Polli is a hybrid of both product and fashion design. It appropriates materials and processes from other industries for mini mass production.”

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One Response to Cut it out!

  1. Design Lovely says:

    Love their designs and all of their photos are really beautiful. I cant believe they aren’t sisters. They look so much alike.