Dear Colleen

If you don’t recognise the name I am certain that you will recognise the strong graphic artwork of Colleen Pugh under her Dear Colleen brand. Her “when life hands you lemons, make a gin and tonic” print has popped up on walls and blogs across the world for the good reason that it speaks the truth! UK born, Colleen has just moved to NZ’s southern most city where she is soaking up the creative scene and making it her home. By the looks of things she is doing a fine job.

WHAT: These are a mix of shots from my home and my studio. I tend to split my time between the two depending what kind of work I’m doing. Plus some days I just want to work in my pyjamas and that’s a bit frowned upon outside of the house!

WHERE: Both my home and my studio are in Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand. I’m still pretty new to the city but so far it’s making a pretty good home. I’m originally from a big town in the south of England so I’m still getting used to such a different lifestyle but the positives out weight the negatives.

WHO: It’s just myself working directly for Dear Colleen at the moment, although I do have a great team of local and national contacts that I call upon regularly to help me out with specific projects. The studio is in a shared space with lots of other creatives to keep me company. I happily share my home with my boyfriend Scott and our beautiful blue collie Castro.

DESCRIPTION: I moved down to Dunedin around 8 months ago and it’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt I have a good home and work space. Up until now I have been living in flat shares and trying to run a fast growing business from the corner of my bedroom. Last year was pretty brutal; I moved 5 times and had to over come some big visa issues. So much upheaval definitely gave my business and myself a bit of a kick in the guts. I’m so grateful that people stuck with me through it and I managed to keep a float.  2012 is proving to be a much better year. Knowing that I’m in one spot for a while has given me not only the physical but also the mental space to get a whole new line of designs together. My boyfriend Scott is also a designer and works from a home studio. I love that I can just take over his drawing table and spend the day working with him, it’s a real blessing that comes from both being self employed. Although I’m not sure Scott would see it as a blessing when I’m using up all his expensive art pens and well, everything else.

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4 Responses to Dear Colleen

  1. endemicworld says:

    cool space, dig the angle-poise light

  2. Katrina says:

    Home looks so lovely with those windows!! Very clever lady.

  3. Alison Owen says:

    Love dear colleen :)) Great post!

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