Design Dynamo…Kiwi styles

Katie Lockhart is pretty impossible to pigeonhole…and believe me…I tried. I discovered that this creative kiwi used to be design assistant to Karen Walker, pretty major, pretty fashion based. Then I discovered that she has styled photo shoots for design mags all over the world. Well that is understandable…styling…fashion…all kind of works. THEN I found that she had returned home and designed the interior of the Swanndri concept stores and many more! At this point I was actually getting abit intimidated…but wait ..theres more. Then I read about her in Idealog and discovered that she also styled the iconic Karen Walker Jewellery campaign AND has launched (in partnership) a cashmere fashion label called ” To Sir with Love”. What????????
It seems that everything Katie Lockhart does…she does REALLY well with a creative eye and confidence in her own Lockhart style. I am inspired!

Karen Walker Jewellery Campaign

Styling for “Renovating the right way ” shoot -House & Garden

“To Sir With Love”

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One Response to Design Dynamo…Kiwi styles

  1. Sidsel_._ says:

    Ohhh I love these shots – but then again I have a week spot for anything from N:Z – so I´m happy to have found your blog 🙂