Devon Smith

The delicate work of Devon Smith is instantly recognisable, and not just within her NZ shores! Her ultra feminine rosy cheeked girls have appeared in group shows around the world including one that has just wrapped up in Portland, USA. I was so stoked when Devon said she was keen to be part of the project mostly as I find artists studios totally fascinating, with all the delicious work in progress, paint and colour. Enjoy!

WHAT: My little art studio in Wellington where I paint and draw.

WHERE: It is lovely and central, and separate from my home so it is very much a space for working.

WHO: Just me and my sylvanians.

DESCRIPTION: I’ve been here for a couple of months now, and I think I finally have my walls decorated the way I want! It is lovely and sunny, and away from the main streets so quiet too. I work a few half days at a gallery and my studio is nice and close so I can run and hide there after mornings of having to talk to people. I am painfully shy, the life of an artist suits me much better! I’ve just finished a bunch of time consuming commissions and prescriptive works so now I have time to paint things just for me, so my desk is strewn with fun drawings and half started paintings.

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