Door to the afterlife

It’s possible I am more than a little behind the eight ball on this one but I would like to introduce you all to Kiwi designer Nick Von K! The words below he uses as a source of inspiration:

We are human animals on a planet filled with wild life.

We identify with different animals because we recognise something of their spirit within us.

And as we own this spirit we become somehow more ourselves.

Skulls represent the edge of death and the door to the afterlife.

We are reminded of the spirit that has moved on to a place which we can only dream of for now.

And in dreaming we find a world of imagination.

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One Response to Door to the afterlife

  1. debra brewster says:

    All this work is made in Bali!!!-I have issues that this guy promotes his work as “NZ made”-shame..because it makes it hard for genuine NZ jewellery makers to compete with .