Dress as one should

So not this weekend, but the weekend after I am attending a smart soiree celebrating my friends’ Hannah and Daisy’s birthday. The invite says ” dress as one should” -suggesting that all us Wanakarites actually dive head first into the back of our wardrobes, scrape out the forgotten heels and fossack for those forgotten expensive dresses that we owned ( I think I remember?) in our previous city lives. SO I discovered Johanna Johnson…late it seems…this designer appears to be pretty massive in both bridal and red carpet fashion worldwide. I am head over heels for her girly, ethereal fashion with just the right amount of sexy. I intend to channel her style. SOmehow.

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One Response to Dress as one should

  1. Katie says:

    oooh oh, and I vote that Julia shares her outfit for said party on this very blog. And perhaps a few more of her fabulous friends may feature.. but not me, as I, alas, have no thing to wear. ; )