drifting away

I’m BACKKKK!!! Despite being submitted to a looooong period of no Internet and barely cell phone I was still able to write a list as long as my arm of fantastic downunder creative endeavours to research!!
So to kick off for the new year I have been dying to share the gorgeous Driftwood concept in the Bay Of Islands, NZ. Discovered via the most recent Life and Leisure mag, I just fell in the love the muted walls, wrangled furniture and slightly ramshackle vibe. Now …if I could only catch a man ..this would be a brilliant spot of a honeymoon!

“Having traveled extensively for many years Richard and Vanessa Owen
realized not only was their home Driftwood quite unique . . . but that the
best times they had traveling were when they were meeting people in their
own homes.

Their home, Driftwood, is a 15 acre private waterfront estate in the heart of
the Bay of Islands and they have opened their families favourite place on this
beautiful estate, the charming Crayfish Cottage to fellow travellers for
wonderful seafood lunches on the beach.”

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