Dunedin-Creative Mecca of NZ!!!

I have been tearing around the countryside the last couple of days and for some of that tearing time I was in Dunedin. I have only ever visited there once when my sister was a student and while I was only there overnight this time, I did manage to get a fairly overwhelming sense that Dunno’s is a secret creative mecca!!! While it is pretty well know in NZ that the southern city breeds and cultivates fashion talent…I have been fairly bowled over by the few artists that I managed to randomly discover!
Sam Foley was one of these. I went into new design store “Whiteroom” and on my feet dragging, tongue out round of it….I spotted a awesome large piece of art. On asking the shop attendant “who did that…its fantastic” , he casually replied ; “Oh that’s one of mine”. Woah.
Anyway..I am talking bout Sam Foley, his art is above, and he is not at all unknown, in fact his website lists all the masses of exhibitions and press he was received!
If you are in Auckland, duck down to Whitespace Gallery to check out his latest work and for those lucky peeps in Melbourne there is a exhibition planned for October at the Dickerson Gallery.
Check out his website if you are lusting after more!!!

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One Response to Dunedin-Creative Mecca of NZ!!!

  1. carina says:

    I actually thought they were photos at first – amazing!