elephant? anyone?

hehehe…I have a feeling that Karen from Luxford St. will get a bit of a fright at the speed this post has gone up!! Was just writing the previous one and noticed a new comment…followed the link to find local Auckland blogger Look Left Karen. THEN I went on to her quirky etsy store Luxford St and marvelled at her crazy cool hooks!!. Looking for a crafty, character filled, Christmas prezzie??? Look no further. Kiwis wanting to purchase can buy in NZ dollars at Toggle.

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6 Responses to elephant? anyone?

  1. Look Left Karen says:

    Phew, like the speed of lightning, thanks for the mention!

  2. phil says:

    Look at http://www.studiohomecreative.com/search?q=phil+cuttance
    posted on this blog on the 28th january 2008.


  3. Ju says:

    yes..similar concept, but completley different. One is crafty and obviously toys cut in half. The other black, smart and professionally finished. Would appeal to very different buyers.

  4. Look Left Karen says:

    Oh Phil
    In regard to your inference, I have been selling these on toggle.co.nz since December 2007.
    Gosh isn’t it important that we don’t become so wound up in our own self importance that we believe others are not capable of original thought. Perhaps I should have sited your work as a derivative of my own?
    However I remain a little more humble…

  5. Ju says:

    Okay talented people….shall we leave this debate maybe to a different forum?

  6. phil says:

    karen, do, say and assume what you wish. For the record my trophy hangers were designed in late 2006, appeared in magazines and blogs before and after april 2007, where they were exhibited in milan.
    good luck