Elisabeth Kwan

Elisabeth Kwan
So I am actually REALLY excited to introduce you all to young Auckland based Elisabeth Kwan and her namesake label! I’m pretty much besotted with those bags above and have put many more of her handmade, leather creations (including the ipad, iphone and laptop sleeves!) on my list.
Not content with just the design and production of her leather collection, Elisabeth has also just debuted her first clothing range on her site.

I highly reccommend you go for a little browse and in case you miss it – there is also the option to have the leather products customised with a name!

Elisabeth Kwan Elisabeth KwanElisabeth KwanElisabeth KwanElisabeth KwanElisabeth KwanElisabeth KwanElisabeth Kwan

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3 Responses to Elisabeth Kwan

  1. Kate says:

    These are amazing, love the metallic tote bags!

  2. STEL STYLE says:

    the metallic leather is fantastic!! nice designs


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