Elk – “Remember” Winter ’14

Elk - "Remember" Winter '14And its that time again when our friends at Elk reach into their design coffers and produce a collection of clothing, jewellery, footwear and leather accessories that pose some serious issues for budgets. So much choice!
Their Winter ’14 range; “Remember” is stacked with their signature clean, casual, ¬†scandi-tinged aesthetic with the odd punch of colour and pattern not to mention their first major foray into homewares with a cool kilim rug!
This year they are dropping the selection in two parts. Most of what you see here is available now online (plus a TON more) and they are saving their cosier, woollier offering for a little later on (I’ve had a peek at this….more bad news I’m afraid.)

And because this virtual window shopping thing is becoming a habit Рmy favourite picks are the Drop Crotch Pants, the Leour Wallet and the Facet Earrings. 

Elk - "Remember" Winter '14Elk - "Remember" Winter '14Elk - "Remember" Winter '14Elk - "Remember" Winter '14Elk - "Remember" Winter '14Elk - "Remember" Winter '14Elk - "Remember" Winter '14Elk - "Remember" Winter '141I visited the Elk HQ in Melbourne last year, learning about their history and loving their offices!!!

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2 Responses to Elk – “Remember” Winter ’14

  1. Fredrik says:

    Wow that rug is gorgeous! Can you buy it somewhere?

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