emmy lawless


emmy lawless


emmy lawless

I love this time of year when entries open for many art awards Down Under. In particular the Yen Female Art Awards where it seems talented Australian women just spring out of nowhere! I was checking out some of the entries when I stumbled across the work of 22 year old Sydney illustrator; Emmy Lawless. She is outrageously talented. Wow.

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3 Responses to Emmy

  1. Esz says:

    They’re cute but they look way too much like photo traces to me 🙁

    (hate to be a negative nancy – I guess the line between tracing and something ‘new’ is a fine one that shifts often).

    • julia says:

      Maybe they are? I couldn’t get a lot of info on her process so you might be right. I naively just tend to gravitate to what I like! …will do some more research 🙂