Everyday Humans

I suffered a pretty mean dose of procrastination yesterday (not helped by my horrible cat declaring he was about to drop dead from hunger – argh…just two hours after being fed!!!) But somehow I managed to squeeze some productivity out of some facebook wandering and I found Queenstown based Syrp.

One part cutting edge developers of camera accessories (think very clever equipment to acheive super smooth motion control, time lapsing etc…its technical!) and one part incredibly talented producers of film. I got totally hooked into their series “Everyday Humans” which I think you will all really enjoy.
Just goes to show our everyday can be just as beautiful and interesting whether or not we work on a farm, paint in a studio or travel in a beaten up van around the States following a musical passion. Enjoy and check these guys out!

Everyday Humans – Mark Alsweiler from Syrp on Vimeo.

Everyday Humans – Eden Worsfold from Syrp on Vimeo.

Everyday Humans – Spirit Valley from Syrp on Vimeo.

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