Extra Curricular: Stitch!!

It’s almost here and coming to you at a coffee table, comfy chair, picnic rug or hammock near you! So many ways to enjoy this little literary treasure, so do your self a favour and pre order here or here OR subscribe and really have it sorted!

I am super excited about this issue alittle more than most as I have a small interview featuring that I did with super talented Darren Song. Here is a full description of what you can expect this time around :

“With an embroidered cover by Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy, the winter issue has a stitch-making featurette – including interviews with Darren Song, Anissa Ljanta (Grow Mama), Nyssa Skorji (A Wilderness For You & Me), Bayley Collins (Bird in a Bunny Suit), and Desiree Tait (Flossy’s Fancy). In addition to the interviews and articles, there‚Äôs a great Tiny Happy tutorial and embroidery stitch guide, and a collection of stitched ‘objects of our desire’.

You’ll find out how to whip up a tasty winter drink, crafty reasons why we love Japan, get some fundraising tips, check out some winter fashion and debate the difference between craft and design. And of course, as always, you’ll get to peek into the workspaces and minds of some very talented people.”

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