Family legacy

I have a nice wee “locations” spread in the making of my mini break in the Sounds but while I was there I found the pic of my grandparents above and got thinking about the history! Pepa bought Miritu Bay with his brother in 1957 when it was open farm land. They used it for sheep but not for long due to changes in government laws and zoning, eventually doing a land swap back to the crown in exchange for the ability to sell sections around the waters edge (to many of their farming friends in North Canterbury). With their families growing, Pepa and Uncle Ian drew straws to see who would keep the original house and who would build on the neighbouring section…we won/lost and got the raised building area and still visit the original kitset home that my family built in 1981. Much of the family have sold their shares but Miritu remains so firmly sewn into their memories and hearts as we spread Grannies ashes there a couple of years ago. Very lucky to have this magical place as such a constant in my life!

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