Fictional Objects

Fictional ObjectsFictional ObjectsFictional ObjectsFictional ObjectsSeriously it was only a year or two ago that I felt absolutely STARVED of options when it came to beautiful simple bed linen. Everything available was over designed, naff, commercial and actually incredibly expensive for what it was! But now I am so so stoked that within out local Australasian market there is an emerging set of go getters offering us so many tempting options to suit our own style.Thank you thank you thank you!!
New to this great list is Australian brand; Fictional Objects who offer graphic designs on duvets and sheeting printed onto 100% cotton manfuactured in Indonesia.
That sheet set of tiny triangles kills me.


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2 Responses to Fictional Objects

  1. Hayley says:

    Wow, their stuff is amazing! Thanks so much for finding it and telling us all! x

  2. Sarah Barrett says:

    Great to see this piece on fictional objects, and you were spot on with saying its beautiful yet simple bedding .. i am currently saving for a set of the Grey grid pillowcases and the grey grid quilt cover with the coral edging… as it will take me along time to save for them , im really crossing my fingers they dont sell out to soon… its the perfect bed linen for myself…
    Thanks for adding to the hope to own these.