Film fest Friday

Whimsical dining from White Wall Photography and styled by the very clever mary & gabrielle.

1. Are you a budding fashion designer or creative looking to create a brand? Check out this competition but; even more I would recommend the article on the importance of PR and things you can implement yourself at little cost to get yourself noticed. Gold.

2. Take a peek into the life of Studio Home favourite Sarah Hankinson.

3. I will be picking up the next issue out of Shop til you drop JUST to check out the home of Johanna Johnson…what does the creative cave of such a glittery mastermind actuuallly look like?

4. The new Swanee print over at Perfect for any country loving kiwi.

5. This is soooooo clever from the Cut Collective

6. One of my favourite young artists has a new facebook page and shows glimpses of her country studio

7. The wonderful editorial director of one of my most treasured interior magazines, Inside Out has turned her hand to tumblr

Have a great weekend, one and all. No idea what I am up to for most of it considering my long lost greatest friend Charlotte arrived from France, stayed, then left today in a whirlwind of total domestic cleanliness = no gross housework for me this weekend!

Sunday evening brings a mini snowy filmfest celebrating the kick off of the NZ ski season and the impending opening of the ski area I work for. By impending I mean, it will happen, but Mother Nature needs to pull finger cos there seems to be a large lack of the white stuff!

If you are stuck for some quality screen watching, check out some clips from the amazing local professional and amateur film makers we will be featuring. You will be blown away at the creative and fine art’s approach that has crept into action sports film!

-Cam McDermid and documentary style Japan edit for “All Us In Winterland”. beautiful !
– Mark Von Roy of and his helmet cam taste of skiing like a true ripper!
Jase Hancox of Basket Productions and his stunning and epic peek into heli skiing in Gulmarg, India
Tim Pierce with his exciting and candid features of some of the world’s top freeskiers (who also are born and bred in Wanaka!)

Laters xo

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