Finally…Friday again!

Yes my dears, that is one CRACKER of a frock. Click here and find out all about it and the wonderful fundraiser it is associated with.

1. Two things that I must own from Father Rabbit. Soon! This and this!

2. A stunning, sophisticated and moody account of a wedding.

3. Pretty much the catch phrase in our flat at the moment!

4. This wee blog has simply taken OFF since last time I paid it a visit! If you are a foody….get here now…

5. Crank into your weekend with this EPIC winning mountain bike photo slideshow from Camilla Stoddart. Beautiful and emotive with the BEST soundtrack. Crank it, full screen, full volume.

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One Response to Finally…Friday again!

  1. savourme says:

    thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement!!! has made me quite tickled!! x